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IMLock Web Content Filtering 2016 Freeware

The Best Available Internet Filtering Solution for Home, Office, and Network. Block Websites, Block Apps, Block Pornography.

06 Oct 2016

URL Filtering NG-1.2.6 Shareware

CG URL Filtering allows you to restrict the Web access with blacklists or white lists of URLs classified by categories.

30 Jan 2017

MailBee.NET AntiSpam 10.0 Shareware

.NET spam filter which uses self-learning Bayesian algorithm

14 Jun 2016

SpamAssassin for Windows 3.4.1 Freeware

Powerful anti spam filter for use with Mail Transport Agents (MTA)

14 Jun 2016

SpamAssassin in a Box 2.1.1 Shareware

SpamAssassin in a Box also contains a Windows system service.

14 Jun 2016

SpamBully Shareware

Outlook, Live Mail, Outlook Express Bayesian spam filter. Allow/Block list. Bounce spam back to spammers. Report spammers. Email forwarding.

27 Sep 2017

TrulyMail Standard 5.0.14 Freeware

TrulyMail is a very feature rich email client for Windows.

14 Jun 2016

FFT Properties Shareware

Time series and frequency spectrum analyzer for scientists and engineers.

14 Jun 2016

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