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MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder - Learning with my mobile 2016-434 screenshotYour trainer for easily learning new words or flashcards. Choose between studying short-time for an examination or store facts permanently into your long-term memory. You can fully concentrate on studying. No inputs are necessary before you start memorizing new words. This restricted input option is optimal for the small displays of smartphones.
:: How it works ::
Learning consists for the most part of memorizing facts. The facts must be repeated regularly. For an effective repetition flashcards have been used for a long time. Flashcards as a vocabulary trainer are known for learning different languages. The principle, however, isn't limited to vocabulary and new words. You can effectively train e.g. historical dates, names of people, financial figures etc. with index cards.
The facts are written down on cards in the form of a question on one side and answer text on the other side. Categorizing the flashcards in several compartments within a box you repeat the facts so often until you memorize them.
In the TeachingMachine questions and answers are exchangeable so that you can check your learning progress in two directions. You can question e.g. a vocabulary as well in the mother tongue as in the foreign language. Your learning progress is stored in both directions. The reversal of question and answer supports your learning process.

Changes on the new version:
-Android 6: Import from a Google Spreadsheets -Adaptation to store on SD card for Android 5 and 6. -With the Long-term Studying the day is indicated for every subject for the next check. -Colors in the user interface optimises. -Now questions and answers can be read aloud. -Now also for kindle fire in the Amazon App-Shop available -Learning progress can be reset for Short-term and Long-term studying -Questions and answers can be created, edited and deleted also directly on your smartphone now -Works with Google Drive (Google Docs Spreadsheets)

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Version 2016-434

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