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HomeWeb Personal Cloud 2.0.2

Browse your home computer files from your smart phone from across the internet

From: Cognitier, Inc.

HomeWeb Personal Cloud 2.0.2 screenshotThe HomeWeb Personal Cloud product allows you to remotely browse and Access files on your Home computer from your smart phone. Instead of a cloud storage account, which allows access to the files you last uploaded to the cloud, the HomeWeb is a real-time view into the current contents of your computer. There is no need to upload files. If a file is on your computer then you will be able to see it and access it. Once the product is set up, your computer and its files will be available to you from then on without your having to keep up with transferring files.
The HomeWeb product enables browsing, viewing, searching and emailing files. You can convert files to PDF format on-the-fly for easier reading. You can also transfer large files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The HomeWeb product does more than handle files. You can write macros to perform a sequence of actions on your computer and then run those macros remotely from your smart phone. This can include custom code and applications that are installed on your computer. Your macros can access the underlying operating system and peripherals, etc., if necessary.
If you own multiple computers, you can access them all at the same time from a single session on your smart phone. For example, if you have forgotten which computer has an important file, you can perform a search on all of your computers simultaneously to find that file. Small business users can take advantage of this ability to perform administrative functions on all of their computers.
The HomeWeb product provides layers of authentication, encryption, and auditing. The user is authenticated to access the HomeWeb, and then the home computer performs separate authentication of any Remote requests. Transmissions among the smart phone browser, the HomeWeb, and the home computer are encrypted using SSL. Data at rest is erased soon after it is used, and while it is at rest it is encrypted using a separate key that was exchanged over SSL.

Available Translations:None

OS Support: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Win Vista

Version 2.0.2

Size 3.14Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 14 Jun 2016

Last Update: 01 Jul 2015

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